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Hi there! Josefine here, this is my little blog which I sacrificed my soul to the devil to get... Or did i just sign up for tumblr? frankly i don't remember
Oh well, youll see some fandoms and a lot of stupid shit, maybe you'll even laugh.
Enjoy your stay.

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Spades are considered unfortunate since they indicate problems, arguments, disputes, worries, delays and losses. Ideas and swift action are also connected to them.

Diamonds are ruler of all material matters such as money, estates, property and or status. Diamonds display outbursts of concern over certain situations.They represent vibrant energy and vitality. Diamonds  are also associated with temper and annoyance.

Hearts represents emotions, love affairs, relationships, friendships, and feelings of affection. They also indicate possessions, home, and educational matters. They experience love and happiness despite the problems along the way.

Clubs represent words, negotiations, business matters. Energy, enterprise, progress, ambition, and personal growth. Clubs are known for imminent travels associated with career, ambitions, organizations or societies.

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Orphan Black’s other half: Kathryn Alexandre

You can see her reel: Vimeo


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oh, you have no idea.

#if you didnt know the dialogue to this scene you would definitely think that they’re just a really sassy gay couple and rachel is challenging quinn that she wouldn’t last a week without sex

#I just can’t get over how Quinn is basically panting in the last gif#like Rachel has just literally worked her up in such a frenzy that Quinn is left legit panting

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"Do you think because Kira’s mine, she might be different?"

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My BFF Coming out to her 89 Year old Grandmother 

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(well…karma is. i’m not so sure.)

(well…karma is. i’m not so sure.)

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Meet The Woman (Besides Tatiana Maslany) Who Plays Every Single “Orphan Black” Clone: Kathryn Alexandre

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